Egg Roll Squirrel Is The New Pizza Rat, And People Love Him

Pizza Rat who? 2019 is all about our new king, Egg Roll Squirrel. It’s hard to believe it’s been nearly four years since we started to notice the rodents of New York City eating our food scraps. Pizza Rat made way for other legends like Milkshake SquirrelWing Squirrel and now Egg Roll Squirrel.

The WhatIsNewYork Twitter account posted a video earlier this week of a New York squirrel hanging out in a tree, munching on an eggroll, as squirrels do. “Doesn’t look like this squirrels first egg roll,” they wrote in the caption. This plump little guy is a pro. He wasn’t concerned that the egg roll was nearly as big as him or that he had no sauces or a main course.

The video quickly went viral because it is 2019 and we love nothing more than a chubby squirrel eating human food in a New York City tree. I find Egg Roll Squirrel to be one of the more impressive famed food rodents. He managed to find a near entire egg roll, take it to a safe location, and eat it completely unbothered. Many others were frantic when caught with the food, but not Egg Roll Squirrel. He’s cool as a cucumber. Many people on Twitter agree.