This Woman Legitimately Believes That Honey Is ‘Bee’s Blood’ And I’m Honestly Shaking My Head

Some people in life are straight up stupid and refuse to research things, Google them, or read. For this reason, I find it extremely hard to communicate with humans anymore—I’m never sure who I’m speaking to. The worst kind of people are those who refuse to believe otherwise, even after you tell them that they’re wrong, and they completely shut down actual facts. Like, this woman who truly believes that honey is “bee’s blood” and in order to get honey, you have to murder all the bees.

A beekeeper was selling a raw honeycomb online, and a potential customer messaged her with interest in buying it. But, she had her facts kind of…wrong. She asked if the woman sold the bees. The woman responded that she does not, because she needs them to harvest more honey.

And, then, things got really warped—like, the woman legitimately told the seller she thinks that honey is bee’s blood and bees are just “uncooked honey.”

No matter how many times the seller told the customer, she refused to believe that bees are not uncooked honey.

Oh god, the ignorance.

No, Bonnie, honey is not bee’s blood.