15 Of The Most Awkward Moments At The Golden Globes You May Have Missed

On Sunday night, awards season kicked off with the 2019 Golden Globes. From movies to TV shows, the biggest names in entertainment stepped out on the red carpet looking their best and crossing their fingers for a big win. But, in between the glitz, the glamor, the laughs, and the wins, there were some cringe-worthy moments to discuss.

1. E! News referred to Jameela Jamil as Kamilah Al-Jamil, who happens to be her character’s sister on The Good Place: 

2. Allison Brie’s dress got caught on a bush on the red carpet:

Getty Images

3. Chrissy Metz apparently called Allison Brie a “b*tch,” while mic’d up…

But she later denied it.

4. Someone laughed out loud in the middle of Sandra Oh’s speech—and it wasn’t funny:

5. Emma Stone screamed “I’m sorry!” when Sandra Oh called out Aloha for whitewashing the main role:

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6. Patricia Arquette had no time for Lady Gaga:

7. Andy Samberg made a Star Is Born suicide ‘joke’ nobody laughed at:


8. He also made a somewhat tasteless joke about Freddie Mercury’s teeth:


9. Cody Fern wore some confusing split-toe goat shoes:

10. Fiji Girl photobombed just about everyone at the red carpet pre-show:

11. Michael Douglas nearly fell when walking towards the stage to accept his award:


12. Amber Heard called Darren Criss “Daniel”:


13. Nurses came out to give everyone flu shots, and Willem Dafoe was hiiiighly skeptical:

14. Peter Farrelly refused to be ushered offstage by the “wrap it up” music:


15. And finally, Rami Malek getting flat-out ignored by Nicole Kidman—TWICE:

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