15 Tweets That Are Too Real For Any Girl With Mostly Guy Friends

Girls who have mostly guy friends are treated unfairly. They are often called demeaning names by those who assume they are only friends with men because the relationship is beyond platonic.

But it’s 2019! And in 2019, girls—and everyone else—can be friends with anyone they want. Besides, those who think there’s something suspicious about a girl with male friends is the one guilty of having inappropriate thoughts. Maybe this discomfort reflects more on them and their intentions. Some food for thought.

1. Girls who mostly have guy friends get a bad rap:

2. Translates texts for you:

3. For one, they always look out for you:

4. In the same way you look out for them:


5. Romantic advice:


6. Plus, you always have someone down to go on a late-night fast food run with you:

7. Without spending hours figuring out where to go:

8. In fact, the girls calling girls with guy friends vicious names…

9. Are the ones that are thinking inappropriate thoughts:

10. You have a date ready:

11. You secretly enjoy their Snapchats:



13. Besides, some girls have had traumatic experiences with other females:

14. All that matters is the quality of friendship—regardless of gender:

15. The queen herself says so: