45 Liars Who Tried To BS The Internet And Got Caught

Abraham Lincoln once said, “don’t believe everything you read on the Internet.”

And boy was he right! Sometimes I can’t even tell if Trump is actually offering to pay for one-way tickets back to Mexico. Or if a woman really got arrested for taking a dump on her boss’ desk after winning the lottery.

Luckily the kind people of the world-wide-web are on a 24/7 watch against this kind of bulls**t, and aren’t afraid to call it out when they see it. So here are 100 people doing just that, because, why not, I’ve got time to go find 100 of these.

1. Dude sent himself a warning

2. If you lie about Hawaiian sweet rolls, Chrissy Teigen will come for you

3. Kevin Smith is not here for your B.S.

4. The cyber-truck can time travel?

5. Trash from a garbage person

6. Owned by a reference book

7. Truth in advertising

8. Any time you walk outside counts as a hike

9. LOL

10. Call of dookie

11. No one comes for Steve Irwin. Not even PETA.

12. Inspirations trash.

13. Smart People: 1 – Idiots: 0

14. Hot people can’t be smart…oh, wait.

15. That’d be cool though.

16. Terminated.

17. Internet points confiscated.

18. A beautiful color-coded beatdown.

19. All kinds of stupid here.

20. Back to school.


22. I’m so smart. Blah blah blah.

23. Well, would you look at that?

24. Between The Rock and a hard place.

25. Stupid people catnip.