27 Profound Twitter ‘Facts’ That Are The Truth And Nothing But The Truth

Twitter is a place of revelations. When you peel back the layers (…and layers…and layers…) of hate, toxic sludge, misogyny, and constant, unfettered outrage, it can be a wondrous world of novel ideas, handy life tips, and profound life truths. Here are 27 of them:

1. This stock market observation:

2. This fair coffee shop blowback:

3. This truly mind-blowing standard:

4. This Target law:

5. This workplace tip:

6. This exercise advice:

7. This ubiquitous restaurant situation:

8. This relatable desire:

9. This real world realization:

10. This ultimate fact of life:

11. This unfortunate fact of life:

12. This social media rule of etiquette:

13. This genius maneuver:

14. This party sentiment:

15. This social plight:

16. This karmic punishment:

17. This handy, money-saving tip:

18. This pet fee truth:

19. This forever feeling:

20. This sound logic:

21. This depressing matter:

22. This incredible feeling:

23. This weed culture revelation:

24. This airport utopia:

25. This rule of travel:

26. This Nobel prize winning idea:

27. This…is what “I’ll let you know” always means: