16 People You Can’t Believe Think They Deserve All That And More

The world is full of entitled people who think they deserve everything from free catering to weddings that cost their friends thousands of dollars, to free art made by their favorite artists. Everyone knows at least one of these scammers, as a friend or family member. People who make outrageous requests and then turn on you when you refuse. They spend their energy on hustling, while you spend your energy on working. Pretty frustrating.

But there’s another side to the coin—we get to enjoy these insanely entitled requests on the subreddit r/ChoosingBeggars, and absolute goldmine or deluded and manipulative people who will not let dignity, respect, or societal concepts of decency keep them from asking for free Ps4s. We can’t make these people act better, but we can laugh at them online. Enjoy the best of the worst below.


I had to find one to believe they exist from ChoosingBeggars


"Come on bro I know you want to sell it dirt cheap. Believe in yourself, you can do it" from ChoosingBeggars


hmm from ChoosingBeggars


hmm from ChoosingBeggars


Yeah sure. Want me to deliver it too? Maybe install it? from ChoosingBeggars


Wants a free delivery for a free bike when i live an hour away cos its his birthday from ChoosingBeggars


New Fresh Meat (roller derby) wants gear for free. Won’t settle for free loaner gear. from ChoosingBeggars


New Fresh Meat (roller derby) wants gear for free. Won’t settle for free loaner gear. from ChoosingBeggars


Little bit different as I was the potential buyer……but somehow he still turned into a choosing beggar?¿ from ChoosingBeggars


Haven’t talked to an old high school buddy for over a year, but I did just get a new job… Wym from ChoosingBeggars


Tried selling my camera. This is fucking unbelievable from ChoosingBeggars


Telling a choosing beggar "no" after five years [Part 3] from ChoosingBeggars


Should’ve thrown in a used goat. from ChoosingBeggars




At a certain point, it might just be easier to go out and get a job.