29 Perfect Internet Responses That Should Be Taught In Every School Across The Globe

You know that feeling when you get in a fight with someone, and you think of the perfect thing to say? The exact response to both make your point clear and also hammer their dumb opinion into the ground? But you don’t come up with your doozy of a comeback until hours after the conversation ended?

Not everybody lives that way. Some people are actually quick enough that they actually get to drop their bombshells.

And I’m so glad:

29. On living:

28. On childishness:

27. On empires:

26. On paranoia:

25. On communication:

24. On the most important relationships:

23. On using the bedroom right:

22. On pronunciation:

21. On karma:

20. On anxiety:

19. On family honor:

18. On data:

17. On scamming:

16. On adulting:

15. On betrayal:

14. On bad luck in love:

13. On physiology:

12. On astrology:

11. On education:

10. On your mum:

9. On percussive maintenance:

8. On shower thoughts:

7. On…oh, come on:

6. On lying on social media:

5. On waking up:

4. On taking the bus:

3. On Olympic condoms (wut?):

2. On sounding poetic:

1. On $$$: