Internet Dunks On Rich Woman After She Admits To Resenting Her Boyfriend For Not Being Able To ‘Spoil Her’

Women all have different expectations when they enter a relationship. Some ladies are looking for strong emotional validation; to give and receive love in equal measure. Others are looking for something a little more hot and physical. Still, others are looking for that deep-pocketed guy who can try to buy happiness. Recently, one woman posted anonymously to a Facebook group called “Confessions from UC Berkeley” making her values in relationships very clear.

The anonymous women said that she and her boyfriend are on completely different levels when it comes to finances. While the money seems to be her families’ and not her own, she compares practically everything from the tuition they are each paying to the property their families own.

She continues by complaining that her boyfriend only purchased her a $30 Valentine’s Day gift and stating that he has no internships lined up for the summer (she does, paid). She ends off stating that she “resents him” for not being able to spoil her and is anticipating disappointment down the road at the possibility of “receiving a ring from Zales.”

Obviously, this woman has a very skewed view of the world and does not understand the true meaning of love. If she did, she wouldn’t be worried about how much money her boyfriend spends on her. Many people online were shocked that a woman would have enough guts to post this on social media, even anonymously. And, they sided with her boyfriend—not her.

What do you think of this—does she have a point, or is she totally off her rocker?

h/t: Facebook.