22 Parents Who Exercised Their Right To Troll Their Own Children

Who can you make fun of if not your own kids, the beings to whom you have given life? And honestly, what better way to show affection than to troll your children to within an inch of their very existence?

These parents all tortured their children by mocking their selfies and embarrassing them on purpose. And you know what? We freakin’ love it.

1. This dad, who thought it’d be fun to go full-on Fury Road war-boy cosplay to drop his daughter off at school.

2. And this mom, who told her son this was the only cup he was allowed to drink alcohol from in college.


4. This dad, who uses old-school photo filters.

5. This mom, who provided her son with just what he asked for when he jokingly said he wanted a urinal cake for his birthday.

Mom asked what kind of cake I wanted for my birthday. Jokingly said "urinal". She delivers like she did 23 years ago. from funny


7. This mom, who sent a postcard trolling her kid from afar.

8. This dad, who shamed his son even more than the liquor store did.

9. This dad, who has obviously been keeping track.

10. These parents, who made a simple request of their son.

My parents… from funny

11. This dad, who brilliantly recreated his daughter’s Instas.

12. This mom, who roasted her son via text. Ouch.

13. This dad, who slipped a note under his daughter’s door after taking her phone away. Truly savage.

14. This dad, who left a comment on a photo of his daughter and her boyfriend: “Glad they’re blue!”

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15. This dad, who is officially not lending his son $20.

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16. This dad, who photobombed his daughter’s prom picture.

Creepy dad

20. These parents, who aped their son’s Facebook photo perfectly.

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21. This mom, who pulled a dirty (but healthy) trick.

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22. And finally, this dad, who took a gander at his 8-year-old son’s browser history.


h/t: BuzzFeed