A Model’s Cat Gets Sprayed By Skunks In Her Yard, So She Goes To War With Them

Raccoons get a lot of crap for being mischievous scavengers, but skunks are a thousand times worse. They have all of the ingenuity of raccoons, but also spray concentrated fart water that smells worse than cat piss and bong water combined.

Recently, retired model Melissa Stetten’s cat had a run-in with some of these pungent prowlers when they dug their way into her yard.

Though the cat is now fine, Melissa quickly decided to work the problem.

They drew first blood. They are not retreating. This is war.

This should do the trick.

Or not.

And after a bit of research…

Boom. You’re finished. Game over.


Determination triumphs. Humanity: 1 Skunks: 0

I’d just like to add here at the end that I had a cat get sprayed once. I used this and it worked really well.