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17 Car Modifications Guaranteed To Make Chicks Drop Their Pants Immediately

Let’s face it: chicks dig car mods.

If you’re a dude who’s been struggling to get laid lately, you may want to consider one of the following shitty car modifications.

Fair warning though, you WILL be drowning in pussy, so brace yourselves.

1. If Lamborghini is a guaranteed way to get a woman wet, then can you even imagine what spray-painting ScoobyDoo on a Lamborghini will do for her?

2. Bro, what chick wouldn’t want to give you head while riding in a VW Big Mouth Bass?

3. This shout out to Jaws will make you say “we’re gonna need a bigger car…” to hold all those fly bitches.

4. Hentai girls having orgasms on the hood of your Corolla is nature’s aphrodisiac.

5. Basketball for tailight = illusion = magic…and chicks LOVE dudes who are into magic.

6. Hippo car? More like Hipp-O(rgasm) car!

7. With this mod, you’re gonna need a hand to hold because hers will be too busy jerking you off.

8. Chicks dig Vin Diesel, especially ones back in 2001. A tinted Vin Diesel window will get her going.

9. Chicks dig truckers and Smart Car drivers, so why not be both?

10. Giant window decals = “Can I PLEASE ride with you baby?”

11. No need to settle for butter-faces when you’re driving around in butter and toast.

12. HOLY HELL, actually this might be too much for a mortal chick to handle.

13. People always think dudes who drive trucks like this have small dicks, but now you can let her know your small dick also hangs to the left a bit.

14. Chicks love a dude with a sense of humor, especially one that suggests they may get murdered.

15. The flames coming out of these bad boys won’t be the only thing getting hot in your ride.

16. Bitches always be looking at themselves in the mirror — give her a full-sized one!

17. Or just make your whole car a mirror!

h/t r/ShittyCarMods