30 People Who Used Their DIY Powers For Evil

When you have a sh*t ton of time on your hands or you’re broke AF and you want to get creative, DIY (do it yourself) projects are always the way to go.

DIYs can be extremely helpful when it comes to certain things such as Halloween costumes, expensive accessories you can make yourself, or – just anything extremely overpriced. But, there are some DIY projects that should never, ever be created.

Some things are better left kept locked away in your imagination guys – not made into real things in the real world.

1. This coat and scarf rack made out of doll arms and legs.

2. This doll closet made out of cigarette filters.

3. This soap container with weird photos of your kids, kind of creepy.

4. These awkward-looking heels with dinosaurs.

5. This coin purse made out of a toothpaste container.

6. This flowerpot that looks like someone died at your house.

7. This prom corsage made out of condoms.

8. These knitted shorts for men that are probably awfully breezy.

9. This bra hack that means you should probably buy a new bra.

10. This garden in a car…what?

11. This tampon ghost.

12. Or these horrible “bloody tampon” earrings.

13. This Paula Deen wine glass, just nah.

14. This horrible idea to turn your boots into heels.

15. The wrong season kind of wreaths for the holidays.


Mike Primavera

Mike Primavera is a Chicago-based comedy writer even though he doesn't HAVE to work. He lives comfortably off of his family's pasta fortune. Follow him on all social media at @primawesome