27 Stair Designs That Will Hurt Your Brain And Break Your Neck

Stairs, like ceilings and doors, are a basic design feature of most buildings. And yet, somehow there are designers out there who still manage to mess them up… sometimes in spectacular fashion. Whether it’s a visually confusing layout that makes you unsure where to step or a geometry-defying design straight out of MC Escher’s wastebasket, these god-awful stair design fails will make you shake your head or break your neck.

1. This invisible kicker

How dangerous these stairs are from CrappyDesign

2. This visual mess

Imagine being drunk from CrappyDesign

3. This shop class-looking booby trap

These stairs in my in-laws summerhouse. We have parties here so going down these stairs drunk is a challange. from CrappyDesign

4. This 45 degree nonsense

These new stairs at my office. from CrappyDesign

5. This step that isn’t a step

Almost broke my leg from CrappyDesign

6. This plaid-patterned death trap

When you let Satan choose the carpet

7. This actual Escher come to life

These stairs are bad from mildlyinfuriating

8. This top of the stairs speed bump

This death trap in Thailand at the top of a large set of stairs, WHY!? from CrappyDesign

9. This dystopian holo-staircase

I’ve seen some crappy stairs, but this one takes the cake from CrappyDesign

10. This waste of concrete

Stairs to nowhere from CrappyDesign

11. This irregular jumble

My friend’s stairway to his bedroom from CrappyDesign

12. This trap

My legally blind friend (he can still see a little) pointed out to me that the black line at the bottom of this staircase makes it look like there’s another stair. Classic state schools. from CrappyDesign

13. This slippery mess

These tiled stairs that are a nightmare in winter and rain from CrappyDesign

14. This…thing

Stairs to nowhere from CrappyDesign

15. This stairway that’s not quite on the level

This stair set with a wonky step at the top of it. I nearly fall every time I go down it. from CrappyDesign

16. This surprise ending

Nearly died carrying a box down these basement stairs from CrappyDesign

17. This visual nightmare stair

Not a good carpet choice for stairs if you ask me from CrappyDesign

18. …And this one


19. This staircase that would kill you if you could access it

Well thats one way to make stairs from CrappyDesign

20. This sobriety test

These stairs from CrappyDesign

21. This opportunity to use a fire pole instead

The guy who lay the carpet on this stairs must have been drunk from CrappyDesign

22. This railing that’s not helping

My house( a rented one) has this. I’ve… fallen down the stairs a lot from CrappyDesign

23. This miscommunication

I am amazed by the very existance of those stairs from CrappyDesign

24. This carpet-covered design fail

This set of stairs at my relative’s house. (I almost fell) from CrappyDesign

25. These stairs for the brave

These thin stairs from CrappyDesign

26. This art project

These stairs popped up in my timeline on FB. Actually kind of cool design but I would certainly die trying to go to the toilet at 2 AM. from CrappyDesign

27. This head banger

yeah just don’t walk up the right side of the stairs from CrappyDesign

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