15 Cats Who Straight Up Could Not Give A Fuck About The Dogs They Live With

Historically, the dynamic between cats and dogs has always been viewed as hostile, with dogs being portrayed the aggressors. However, thanks to the internet, we’ve been able to see thousands of examples of the opposite being true. It seems either cats and dogs are quite friendly when cohabitating, or the cats go out of their way to be a total dick to dogs.

These cats could not give a fuck about their dog roommates.


Max waited patiently for the cat to leave his doghouse. The fact that it just sat in there pretending not to see him was frustrating, but he wasn’t about to risk his good boy staus by evicting it.

2. Otto could tell by the size of the cat he could probably take his blanket back, but the look on its face said “I dare you to try it.”

3. Daisy loved being the family dog, then one day these kittens showed up and followed her around all day. “I’m too old for this,” thought Daisy. “I didn’t have kids for a reason.”

4. Lenny was just trying to say hello. He wondered if the humans knew this new cat they brought home was an asshole.

5. Biscuit could feel the bubbles stopping. Was this how she was going out? There were still so many things she hadn’t smelled.

6. Tito looked up at his beloved human as the cat ate his food. “Really, Karen? You’re just going to take a picture?”

7. Sam didn’t like confrontation. Sure, the cat stole his bed for the 5th day in a row. It’s fine. He was actually getting pretty good at balancing in there.

8. Cupcake couldn’t believe she was foolish enough to think she could get a game in without any distractions. Hopefully, the orange one would poop out the rook so she could finish her match.

9. Morty was just minding his own business. What the hell was this cat’s problem? So what if he ate all of the cat’s poop. It’s not like it was going to use it.

10. Carla knew her owner thought she was a nice dog, so she played along when the cat took her bone. But this was the last straw. Tonight the cat was going down the garbage chute.

11. Bruno was proud of the progress he’d made in anger management. “Don’t engage,” thought Bruno. “Don’t go down that road again.”

12. Flapjack thought his kibble tasted a little funny that morning. He also thought it was odd that the cat watched him eat it with a smirk on its face.

13. The cat was laughing now, but tonight Hank was going to steal his car. He knew how. He wasn’t always a good boy.

14. Bubbles was sick of paying the toll every time she wanted to go downstairs. What the hell were her tax dollars paying for anyway?

15. After 10 faithful years, the humans decide to bring kittens home? Buster felt so betrayed. Whatever. He’d be dead soon anyway.


Mike Primavera

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