5 Photoshop Battles Where, Really, Everybody Wins (23 Pics)

To the unfamiliar user, Photoshop can seem a little daunting. However, it’s not really as tough as you’d think. I mean, there are people who put the work in and make some amazing stuff, but you’re really only a couple short online tutorials away from being able to do some basic tasks. For this battle, that’s all you need.

Most of the folks competing in these Photoshop battles aren’t masters, but instead casual users. That being said, they still manage to make some pretty hilarious edits to photos.

The battle works like this: someone posts a funny or interesting photo that hasn’t been Photoshopped, the folks pile on in the comments with their edited versions. It’s really fun! These are some of the best I found this week.

1. Young Jeff Goldblum playing the piano.

Oh hello there.

He’s still got it.

Jeff knows Greedo shot first.

Spot on young Spock.

Ok, this one really went for it.

2. Kingpin cosplay.

Sneaky fridge thief.

Into the Kanyeverse.

You’d be lost without him.

3. Dog eating leaf blower wind.

The Doglophosaurus.

When the neighbors have the nerve to go into their own house.

Ok, this one made me laugh.

4. 3 kittens sleeping.

I miss this game.

The deadly shurikitten.

Class 5 Purricane.

Move over, Air Bud.

5. Girl with a parrot on her shoulder.

Girl with the pearl earring. Nailed it.

Is that Nic Cage?



Mike Primavera

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