I’m not one to judge trashy people, but I’m totally judging these trashy people (30 pics)

If Charles Darwin were alive today he’d be blown away at what humanity has become. We’ve made society so safe and accommodating his “survival of the fittest” rule doesn’t really apply to us anymore.

Maybe it’s about time to stop with all of the warning labels and sanding down of sharp edges for a while. Let the herd thin itself out. I don’t think we need these people.

1. “Briefs”

2. What a catch.

3. Did she die of shame?

4. This is terrorism.

5. Just…why???

6. Well, that escalated quickly.

7. Wallmart: The unnecessary human zoo.

8. At least the execution was good.

9. Always have some backup analog porn just in case your internet goes down.

10. I call bullshit.

11. You’re doing it wrong. All of it.

12. I mean they are at a carnival so…

13. Only a very specific kind of person puts this on their truck.

14. Surprise!

15. Gonna go ahead and pour some bleach into my eyes now.

16. If it’s outside it’s free, right?

17. Song of the jailbird.

18. In that order?

19. Guerilla marketing.

20. Try.

21. The people this sign is for are not people at all.

22. I would’ve attacked this dude.

23. Classy.

24. Finally some justice.

25. Shocker donut. Shocking.

26. The children are the future?

27. What a nice dead mom.

28. I’ll bet $20 this is in Florida.

29. Doubtful.

30. Crack is whack.