What Happened To Pleated Jeans Yesterday, Explained With Tom Selleck GIFs (7 GIFs)

As some of our dedicated fans may have noticed, Pleated-Jeans was down for most of yesterday and this morning. For that, we apologize profusely. Here’s what happened…

About 10 minutes after I published the Funny Pic Dump on Wednesday (some of you may have seen it briefly,) our servers went down faster than a woman’s panties after seeing this…

At first, we assumed it was Chinese or Russian hackers, just trying to get a sneak peek at this week’s Wholesome Memes dump.

But then we came to our senses and realized it was most likely something stupid we did or forgot to do…

And it pretty much was. We forgot to migrate some kind of thingy to another flux capacitor or something. (It was explained to me multiple times and I still don’t get it.)

The good news is we’re up and running now and have been assured this won’t happen again.

Over the past few months, Mike and I have been working hard to improve Pleated Jeans, so naturally, these kinds of setbacks bum us out.

We hope you (1) forgive us and (2) have noticed the changes and will keep coming back as we work to make Pleated Jeans a site we love visiting as much as anyone else.

Oh, I’ve taken the liberty of redoing the Pic Dump and Afternoon Meme Dumps from yesterday. Have fun with those while we work on getting back to normal!