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19 Tinder Pick-Up Lines You’d Never Have The Balls To Say In Real Life

Tinder has given singles a place to try any and all of their best/worst/most disturbing pickup lines without the embarrassment of in-person reactions. These are just a few of the most clever ones we’ve seen so far, though we can’t imagine someone having the balls to say them offline.

1. How very humerus.

2. Kind of depressing, but okay.

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3. English teachers need love too.

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4. Someone give this man a trophy.

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5. Kitchen appliances really set the mood.

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6. So. Much. Cheese.

7. That’s disturbing but sweet.

8. Ba dum tss.


9. He’s a keeper ‘mad he’.

10. Wow, just wow.

11. CaN YoU HEar tHAt?

12. You never know.

13. Awwww.

14. Well played, sir.

15. ‘A’ for effort.

16. A Tinder love letter.

Medium Tinder Dump Part 3

17. Who knew Black Friday was so raunchy.

Medium Tinder Dump Part 4

18. We have a winner.

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19. Delaney has options.

First Week of Tinder

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