Brewery Puts Pictures Of Adoptable Dogs On Its Beer Cans

If you were putting together a list of the most loved things on the planet, dogs and beer would be right up at the top of it. So when I tell you a brewery has put out a limited edition six-pack featuring the faces of adoptable dogs, I don’t want you to be embarrassed about how excited you get.

It’s true, the fine folks at North Dakota’s Fargo Brewing Company have partnered with 4 Luv of Dog Rescue by putting adoptable dogs Nyx, Bizzy, Jensen, Hobie, Moby, and Virginia on the labels of their cans.

The idea came from Jerad Ryan, a volunteer for 4 Luv of Dog Rescue. “The harder to adopt dogs, sometimes labeled as ‘One-der dogs’, have always had a special place in my heart,” Ryan said.

“One-der-dogs” (pronounced “wonder dogs”) are dogs that are said to do best in homes without children or other pets. These dogs can tend to be harder to get adopted. This gave Ryan the idea of featuring these harder to adopt dogs on beer can labels from a local brewery.

On Monday, Nov 4th, Fargo Brewing Company held an event where the community could come to taste beer and meet the six featured pups. Even if folks didn’t want to adopt one of the dogs, they could support the shelter by buying one of the special edition six-packs.


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Join us Monday, November 4th at 5pm for a very special event with @4luvofdogrescue! This event will showcase some dogs who have had a difficult time finding their forever home. While they get along great with people, some of these dogs don’t socialize well with other dogs so we ask that you please keep your furry friends at home for this event! Here are just 2 of the great pups you can help find a home for on Monday! First is Nyx! Have you been missing the perfect welcome home committee in your life? Feeling sad when you walk in the door and there is no one excited to see you? Look no further — my name is Nyx, and I’d be very excited to meet you! I’m super smart, I love to do tricks, and I LOVE to love my humans. I love them so much that I prefer to have them all to myself. I hear I’m a really special girl — I hope you think so, too! Next is Bizzy! I’m a sweet, energetic lady with a whole lot of affection to give. I enjoy my daily playtime and exercise, but I’m ALWAYS ready for snuggles on the couch. I’m very smart and can learn anything as long as there’s a treat involved! I don’t mind meeting other dogs — I even walked with them in a parade! — but I prefer to share my home and love with my humans only.

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This story is a great example of how you can make a difference without putting yourself out of business. I’d love to see more businesses partnering with animal shelters to help with adoptions. You can do so much to help without even hurting your bottom line.

If you’re reading this and thinking of getting a dog for yourself, your family, or whatever reason; please consider adoption. There are so many great dogs out there who need loving homes. By going to specialized breeders you’re overlooking many loving dogs who will be put down. Give them the chance they deserve ❤️

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