A Backstage Pass To Everyday Objects (19 Behind The Scenes Pics)

I remember watching a show on KQED as a kid, I don’t remember what it was called, but each episode would take 3 everyday items and show you exactly how they were made and how they worked. It was fascinating. It also inspired me to take apart my mother’s new vacuum cleaner.

These next photos give you a behind the scenes look at things you probably see all the time. You might not have ever wondered about it, but hopefully, these open your mind up. The world is so amazing and intricate. We take that for granted, and we really shouldn’t.

1. An eye after a cornea transplant. Yeah, dude. Those are stitches.

2. What’s inside a bocce ball? Bits of pool balls.

3. That very intimate movie scene ain’t so intimate.

4. I used to think weathermen and women just showed up and read the weather. This is their desk. Not the case.

5. Ground control to Major Tom. We have a lot of screens.

6. The inside of a power station cooling tower.

7. The inside of a firework. Now I want fireworks.

8. Nature’s carpet.

9. The inside of a salt mine. I’m thirsty.

10. Very disappointed to find out giant street art isn’t painted by giant street artists.

11. Behind an LED screen. Wouldn’t want to pay that power bill.

12. Basically a cyborg.

13. When it says “shot on an iPhone” this is what it means.

14. Cinderella’s castle. Secret door. Secret mop.

15. Inside what I’m guessing is the last Redbox?

16. Smithsonian holding facility. I want to touch everything.

17. Inside of a turtle. It was delicious.

18. A nice shot from behind the Hollywood sign and a view of some smoke because Los Angeles is always at least a little bit on fire.

19. Giant lily pads don’t actually float. Guys like him are holding them up.

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