If You Act Like You Belong, Sometimes That’s Enough (17 Pics)

It’s amazing how far you can get on pure confidence. I’ve watched comedy in almost every club in LA because I said I was a comic and walked past a door guy. I haven’t done standup in years but if you move quickly and look like you’re supposed to be there, oftentimes that’s good enough.

1. Getting Backstage With Wikipedia


2. Dad couldn’t get a reservation at a restaurant, calls back pretending to be Prime Minister of Morocco. Gets the best seat in the house and signs a plate for the chef.


3. A powerful weapon in your arsenal.


4. Snuck into the VIP section of a concert. We noticed the Special Wristbands looked awfully similar to our water bottle wrappers.


5. If anyone asks if you’re a celebrity, say yes and play along.



I started checking wristbands at a Horror Convention that I didn’t work at. from r/ActLikeYouBelong

7. It’s cold outside and I was tired of standing. Found a pen and paper and now I’m with stats and press.



When the other side is winning from r/ActLikeYouBelong

9. Can substitute uniform for a clipboard.



Auburn player joins Georgia’s huddle from r/ActLikeYouBelong


Mike Primavera

Mike Primavera is a Chicago-based comedy writer even though he doesn't HAVE to work. He lives comfortably off of his family's pasta fortune. Follow him on all social media at @primawesome