Maybe Fire Your Barber? (18 Unfortunate Haircuts)

Unacceptable haircuts. Did some of these people cut their own hair? Probably. Were some of these heads experimented upon by some psychopath with a pair of clippers? Almost certainly.

1. Just do it.

2. I think your skull took a dump.

3. If you scan his bangs it gives you the price for canned beans.

4. I can smell this haircut.

5. My grandma had that wig.

6. What kind of Pokemon is this?

7. Turn signals?

8. This isn’t grandma this is Patrick.

9. Ah yes, the bad decision convention.

10. It’s funny because it’s a speech bubble that says nothing.


12. The face says it all.

13. Crash-proof.

14. Karen: Extended Cab


16. Why though?

17. If this guy is from the future I don’t want to go there.

18. I’m picturing giant ears under there.

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