Bringing Back Weird Memories From Elementary School — A Twitter Thread (45 Tweets)

Ahh, elementary school in the ’90s. Was it really all that and a bag of chips? I think so, and if you disagree, you can talk to the hand!

Last week Twitter user @melmadara asked people to share specific images of objects they probably haven’t thought about in decades, and, well, Twitter responded. And responded. And responded.

Each picture brings back more and more memories of what it was like to be that age, just trying to get to lunch period. Like:

1. A foggy school bus window:

2. Tootling on the recorder:

3. The weird jump rope:

4. Multiplication tables:

5. Whatever these are:

6. The overhead projector:

7. The wooden ice cream spoon:

8. Scented markers:

9. Drying art on the rack:

10. Stabbing your eraser with a pencil:

11. Computer games:

12. Pen with different colors:

13. Special butt static:

14. That S everyone drew:

15. These danger boards:

16. Lunchroom chocolate milk:


18. The Scholastic Book Fair:

19. Pencil grips:

20. Microsoft Paint:

21. Learning to draw a box:

22. And so many more offered by readers:




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