These Made Me Smile Today, Maybe They’ll Make You Smile Too (15 Pics)

Here, have some good news, positivity, and upbeat vibes. Good things are still happening every day, even if it doesn’t seem like it.

1. When I was college, the voices started in my head. I lost my 20’s with 3 psych lock-ups and the loss of 4 jobs. But I was lucky enough to find a good psychiatrist, who with the right meds saved my life. I’m 56 now. Have a great job…a wonderful family. FU mental illness. You didn’t win this time.


2. Due to coronavirus, we decided to just go to the courthouse today instead of stressing about the wedding we’ve been planning for months. I couldn’t be happier. I’ve been in love with this woman since I was 4 years old.


3. A family in PA giving away free toilet paper to anyone in need; be more like these people.


4. Now that’s some good news.


5. Genuinely made me smile.


6. That man is awesome.


7. After two years of failing to make a real baby, last month we got these two fur babies. Tonight I found out I’m pregnant!


8. Husband posted how we got married at the courthouse today because we can’t have our wedding due to Corona. And yeah, we’ve been in love since kindergarten. #childhoodsweetheart


9. An elderly man sitting outside his car door feeding his beloved wife ice cream.


10. Shoutout to Wilson.


11. This Redditor heard her cat purr for the first time.


12. This is my son. He was born 11 weeks early, on Christmas Eve. He has a TEF/EA, has had a collapsed lung, CMV, is fed through a port in his belly, and has had other issues but gosh darnit if he just isnt the cutest dang thing you will see today! Still in the NICU for a few months. I love this guy!


13. Such an amazing group of women.


14. Injury at birth left rea with only the right ear. As she grew, it migrated to the top of her head, making her a unicorn!


15. Really nice shop owners.


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