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In Case You’re A Millennial Who Has Ever Tried To FaceTime Your Boomer Parents… (15 Tweets)

Hey, Pleated Jeans. I’m Nate. I’m new here and thought I’d take it upon myself to introduce myself.

I’m a stand-up comedian, writer, and, as it stands to reason from the first two things, a Podcaster living in Chicago.

These days, it seems like the easiest way to see your parents is via FaceTime but if your parents are anything like mine they have no clue what’s going on. Here are 15 people who feel my pain!

1. Some don’t know how to answer (or flat out ignore you):

2. Maybe they don’t know how to pick up:

3. Others forget how to talk:

4. It can be exhausting:

5. It involves preparation:

6. If they know how to FaceTime they should be able to figure out Zoom:

7. This is repayment for teaching you how to ride a bike:

8. Sometimes they just want to see your dog:

9. Or watch DVDs:

10. But they’re your parents:

11. They’ll never figure it out:

12. At least they know how to text:

13. And tweet:

14. Sometimes you have to check in on them:

15. This face sums it all up:

More funny Tweets: