Quarantine Doesn’t Have To Be Boring (13 Vids)

We’re all going a little stir crazy, but luckily we can still socialize on the internet. Actually, that combination is pretty great. With everything so serious leading up to this pandemic, stress is at an all-time max. Now people are starting to get silly to pass the time and distract ourselves. We could all use a little bit of silly right now.

1. Finally get those dogs trained.

Release the corgis

2. Introduce us to your family.

Leslie Jordan and his cat Miss Callie

3. Family game night.

Quarantine games

4. Come up with the next big dance craze.

Social distancing dance

5. Do something with all of that toilet paper you bought.

The Toilet Paper Classic

6. Working from home hack.

How to stay active on your work computer

7. Jack Black was always insane.

CoronaFree and sexy as hell

8. And Arnold is…Arnold.

Be sure you are making your protein shakes properly during this quarantine. Arnold will teach you how.

9. Create the next great invention.

Social distancing tool #1

10. Wash. Those. Hands.

Daily reminder to wash your hands

11. You gotta watch something.

Sports Sunday now that sports are cancelled

12. Work on that fitness.


13. Admire nature.

Truly majestic

More funny vids: