5 People Who Had a Worse Week Than You

How’s your last seven days been? Bad? Well, join the club. Set any petty concerns or disappointments or hours trapped in your home aside and enjoy the tales of awkwardness, failure, and bad press from five people who are having it even worse this week. 

1. Carole Baskin

The break out hit of quarantine has definitely been Tiger King, a Netflix docuseries about the wild word of big cat breeding. The show focuses on a rivalry between big cat farm owners Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin, but one of the side stories is about the disappearance of Baskin’s husband Don lewis. The show seems to imply—and many people believe—that Baskin killed Lewis and fed him to a tiger. Most folks seem pretty okay with that.

But TV ratings will not let sleeping tigers lie. A new special from Investigative Discovery called Investigating the Strange World of Joe Exotic has been announced and it will reportedly “address the lingering questions that viewers demand be answered.”

At the moment, there’s no proof at all that Baskin killed Lewis, but the show has kicked up a bunch of dust in her direction. Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister even tweeted that he was looking for new information in the case:

Baskin has refuted all the new accusations, blaming the show for making her look culpable in a crime she didn’t commit.

“[Tiger King] has a segment devoted to suggesting, with lies and innuendos from people who are not credible, that I had a role in the disappearance of my husband,” she wrote in a blog post. “The series presents this without any regard for the truth or in most cases even giving me an opportunity before publication to rebut the absurd claims. They did not care about truth.”

It doesn’t seem like anyone cares about the truth unless it’s broken up into a series of hour long dramatic episodes.

2. Bhad Bhabie AKA The “Cash Me Outside” Girl

Bhad Bhabie rose to fame after a bizarre interview with Dr. Phil went viral because she was turned into a meme. before adopting her stage name she was an out of control girl named Danielle Bregoli, who had been getting into fights and causing her mom all kinds of worry. Her catchphrase became “Cash Me Outside How ‘Bout Dat” and it has stuck, despite a somewhat successful music career. Who knew six words could carry you so far?

She must be running out of attention points, because her Instagram has suddenly become a source of controversy. It looks like Bhabie has been through some changes:


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She’s now being accused of “blackfishing,” meaning she’s changing her appearance to make herself look black, when in fact she is most definitely white. She’s been accused of appropriating black culture basically since she became known outside of her school’s detention hall, even appearing with cornrows on Insta:


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But this is the first time she has straight-up darkened her skin. People are not pleased:

Does Bhabie care? She should, but being shameless is kind of her thing.

3. James Charles

TikTok is a weird place full of fun dances, fashion trends, baking tips, and teens running absolutely wild with no supervision because their parents can’t operate an app. One of the trends that has recently popped up is people doing their make up and taking “glamorous” mug shots, usually involving blood, bruises and scrapes that make it look like they were brawling before the fuzz showed up.

That’s distasteful enough for me, but as some folks pointed out, seeing these images of good looking people pretending to have been beaten seems to make light of violence. Survivors of domestic abuse have been critical of the trend, especially towards mega influencer James Charles. 

He eventually deleted his mugshot and apologized, though that apology wasn’t exactly humble:

It’s hard to know that people hate you, I’m sure, but not as hard as being arrested.

4. Drake

Drake has built mansion of ridiculous proportions in his hometown of Toronto, spending six years and an unknown amount of money to create something he told Architectural Digest was “timeless.” Unfortunately, it looked like his got 10-12 rooms that could double as hotel lobbies and airport lounges. 

This might all be to Drake’s taste, in which case, good for him. Glad he gets to live in his weird Las Vegas discomfort factory. But it’s pretty hilarious that he revealed his crown jewel home only to get dragged online for his horrid style:

Look, money can’t buy respect, especially on Twitter.

5. Karens

A woman named Julie Bindel was already notorious for being a big TERF (a trans-exclusionary radical feminist), who tried to get the word TERF recognized as a slur. When that didn’t happen, she moved on to claiming that “Karen,” a name use as a stand-in for demanding white ladies, was a slur. Sounds like something a Karen would do.

The idea got some traction amongst other Karens, but for the most part people widely mocked the idea that being called Karen was in any way equated to being called the N-word or another term with long historical and offensive connotations:

There are some real, good Karens out there and they don’t deserve this sh*t. But at least they can laugh at themselves.

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