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You Never Know What You’re Gonna Find At The Thrift Store (28 Pics)

I’ve tried going thrift shopping many times but gave up because I never find anything good. Every time I’ve gone it’s been full of stuff people didn’t have the heart to throw away so they donate it to feel like they’ve done a good deed. It’s also possible I just have no idea what I’m doing because there’s an entire Facebook group dedicated to people sharing their secondhand finds and some of them are amazing.

1. Found this gem thrifting some years back— I didn’t know I needed demonic Shirley Temple in my life, and my house, but here we are there’s a signature and date in the bottom right but I can’t read it

Jade Orlando

2. “One of my favorite moments was when I found the ad for my vintage bracelet in a 1972 Better Homes and Gardens I was reading WHILE WEARING IT. I feel like this is the place where the magic of that will be appreciated!”

‎Jessie Lee Fogarty

3. “And……that was my exact expression when I turned the corner and saw this. Edited because I forgot to add this: when the lady dropped these off at the store she told the girl helping her “I’ve got something for you”, then pulled this bad boy out. She told the worker that this and others she dropped off were her ‘rough drafts’…. I’m both intrigued and horrified at the same time.”

‎Nicoletta Antonacci‎

4. “If your Latin is rusty, it says “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream” and it is perfection in hat form.”

‎Matthew Randall‎

5. “Found in Anchorage AK. I couldn’t take it home fast enough! It now lives in our foyer”

‎Cheryl Newman Verret‎

6. “A “cowch.” Found at the Benton Trading Post in Maine.”

‎Lauren Souther

7. “My kind of clock..found at an Estate Sale I’m working on.”

Stacy Miska

8. “I went back a week after and bought it I couldn’t resist £150 with delivery !!!”

‎Hayley Beattie‎

9. “My latest and most fabulous tip shop purchase. Fibre glass and corrugated iron giant mushroom goat house! How much you ask? $25! Bargain! Theo and Leo love it”

Ruth Taylor


‎Jackie Rivera

11. “Yeah, I’m gonna need you to come in on Caturday.”

‎Jason Lillie


Sharon Townson Lawler


‎Ryan K. Jones

14. “Thought this was a real palm reading guide until I read it Edit: this is in Caloundra, QLD, Australia”

‎Cassy Hodges-Tester‎

15. “Funky extra-tall chair and matching ottoman with Lucite legs – at the Pasadena City College flea market, Pasadena, CA.”

‎Michael Cosgrove‎

16. “It’s common knowledge in my family that I love cats, which means every gift has a pretty strong theme. Today this 1.5m standard lamp appeared at my house, after my sister “just had to buy it” for me secondhand from Facebook marketplace. I’ll treasure him forever. P.S. I’m taking name suggestions! P.P.S. The electrical cord comes out of his butt.”

Kitty Houchen

17. Introducing our seahorse floor lamp! It stands about 6 feet tall and cost us $75 from our local Goodwill about 12 years ago.

JJ Burnworth

18. “Ceramic truth from the Salvation Army”

‎Tracey McAdams


‎Connie Leaf‎

20. “I will never not hang these in my home. My great-aunt’s giant fork and spoon. Proudly displayed.”

Lisa Duncan

21. “Worlds greatest tissue dispenser? Help me name him please”

‎Samuel Orozco

22. “I found all of these beauties at my local Goodwill, but not all at once. Over a two week period every time I went in there was another one. I was surprised and mystified with each new bustier purse discovery.”

Christine Jordan

23. “This has been in my grandparents’ kitchen cabinet for 40 years. I was 7 months old at the time of the eruption. As a native Washingtonian, the story of Mt. Saint Helens is ingrained in my childhood and young adulthood.”

Kasie Cook

24. “Saw this pre-quarantine at Goodwill. Not a big pumpkin pie fan so it didn’t come home with me. Would be cute for Thanksgiving time though!”

Taysha Lynn Holland

25. “Found this shirt at my local Goodwill. My brother works at a Mormon owned boat/surf shop. I know what he’s going to be wearing Monday”

‎Tiffany Nicole Bender

26. “I’m glad too. Lol. I went back and bought it.”

‎Dogolo-Fenwick Laurie

27. “When you entertain the thrift store strutting your new boots…”

‎Marcia Dubois Martin‎

28. “So I finally have the right group to show off our shower curtain, purchased from our local Goodwill.”

‎Arielle Henry

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