A $1650 NYC Studio Apartment Is Raising Eyebrows With Its Kitchen-Bathroom Hybrid

New York City is an expensive town and in terms of housing, you might have to murder someone to get a rent-controlled apartment. It’s sad, but true. A great place to live is as precious as rubies and gold and potentially even more expensive. With these conditions, a lot of people compromise and live in apartments with lots of quirks and oddities, but maybe a lower prices point. But even New York City dwellers beaten down by the inflated housing market know where to draw the line.

The line is this studio apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, renting for $1,650 a month which has its bathtub in between the sink and the refrigerator, and as far as I can tell, maybe a stove across the room. So the bed goes in between?

It seems to have first been posted by art director Angelica Alzona, but others have since been sharing screenshots of the place in disbelief:

Like Twitter user @Izzy_ohsopretty, whose pics seem to be from a different renting website. This apartment is really getting around:

Actually, an apartment with this set up isn’t that uncommon, especially in older New York tenement buildings. They’re not even terrible if you’re someone who isn’t home much.

Traditionally, however, they don’t cost the same as a standard studio or small one-bedroom because landlords can at least recognize that this is not a desirable way to live for most and adjust their prices accordingly.

We’ve reached a rent tipping point into absolute madness, but at least some people on Twitter recognize it:

Though a few are trying to look on the bright side:

This apartment pricing might be wild. There is still hope for humanity as long as no one rents it. Who am I kidding, it’s probably already off the market for some NYU freshman!

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