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“Prehistoric Giants” Conspiracy Theory Gets Roasted Just Like It Should (18 Pics)

Has anyone noticed that conspiracy theories have been running rampant on the internet lately? It’s been the crazy COVID conspiracies one day and Elves as flat Earthers the next. I was raised in a weird cult that believed in stuff like this so I love when weirdos get shut down like the way this person does.

1. For millions of years, these giants roamed the Earth, leaving behind giant footprints and bones everywhere. Too bad the infamous Smithsonian and Vatican had all the bones destroyed.

2. When this person pointed out that this was clearly photoshopped, the original poster only dug their heels in more.

3. This mega genius decided to go with “I knew that it was fake but everything else is totally real!”

4. Unfortunately for the poster, they invited people to investigate the claims further… which only led to more embarrassment.

5. Like this irrefutable proof prehistoric dongs!

6. We’re listening…


8. I’m hoping this is a joke but anyone named Gentleman Wolfpig is notoriously unreliable.

9. And he was one of the original Koch Brothers!

10. Then it gets to the religious section which is more just sad. She needs to be asking the hard questions like “why didn’t the giants just stand on their tippy-toes and not drown??


12. They’re going to sh*t when they hear about Superman’s Fortress of Solitude


14. Shaquille O’Neal. Next question.



17. People from the 1930’s were simply SMARTER than we are now. Is this so hard to wrap your head around??


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