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These Ordinary Items Just Needed A Glow-Up (20 Pics)

COVID has been a DIYer's dream come true. I've repainted my ceilings, cut my own hair, built planter boxes, and then just hired someone to make new planter boxes when mine looked like sh*t. These people were much more successful with their projects.

1. “I took a dying leaf off my houseplant and painted some starscapes on it!” -Kissandcontrol22

2. “This hat contains a solar panel and a small fan.” -KevlarYarmulke

3. “Before and after our van build. It was 8 months of hard work almost every day.” -notdayna

4. “3D Printed Speakers” -vladtron

5. “I made this to replace the stupid Lazy Susan cabinet.” -unknown

6. “Recently found a broken baby grand piano in the trash and turned it into a coffee table.” -akrause92

7. “I made a stool for my girlfriend who is a teacher.” -PercussivePirate

8. “Dog kennel bed: We have a small house, so we made this loft of a bed and the dogs get kenneled right below us.” -Fasttrack564

9. “A bunk bed for my son’s glasses” -Rock23L

10. “I made folding chairs and a table from old pallets.” -Dmisak

11. “This work desk is made from the body of an actual Tesla car.” -radgemagik

12. “I made a hidden glow-in-the-dark galaxy on my resin kitchen floor.” -1ofZuulsMinions

13. “A before and after of how we turned our guest bathroom into a walk-in closet.” -Mindfuldesigns

14. “Hyper-realistic bridge diorama” -skybike

15. “A tie clip with a functioning thermometer” -im_n0t_creative

16. “I hand carved a new wooden wedding ring!” -Trailhawk8095

17. “I made an outdoor lounge chair from an old office chair.” -Dmisak

18. “A shelf made from a piano” -navigonnutzer

19. “Perhaps my greatest work. Guinea pigs for scale.” -_trousers

20. “Grandpa made an amazing cradle for his grandson.” -BlackEyedBroad

21. “I collected bottle caps for 5 years to make this table.” -superduper58