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This Map Of “The Worst Attraction In Every State” Is Causing Some Debate (15 Pics)

Writer Matt Shirley makes a new chart every day. While that may not seem like a huge accomplishment, I assure you coming up with an original idea consistently is no easy feat.

Matt started out sketching charts on a dry erase board, but soon evolved to digital charts. Now he is commissioned to make charts for money. I love it when someone starts out making something fun on social media and it turns into profit.

The chart that started it all:


Maybe the most accurate one he’s done:


And I mean, I love a good Venn:


They do look a little more professional when digital but the content is always great.


As Matt’s following has grown, he’s been able to crowdsource data to make his charts more accurate. One of my favorite examples of this is his most recent one when he asked followers to weigh in on the worst tourist attraction in their states.

Now, every state has something going on for people to see when they’re driving through to something more interesting. Some states are perhaps TOO full of stuff to see and the people who live there are always having to host and guide guests to these terrible attractions. I can’t tell if it was exhausted locals or disappointed tourists who weighed, but they’re all arguing about the results.

The map has sparked quite a debate because some people are taking criticism of their state’s main attractions pretty personally. Some profess to even like their horrible attractions that everyone else hates. It’s called state pride, baby. Here are some close-ups, so you can see if you’ve checked off every location on the list or need to avoid them.

Here’s the North:

Here’s the South:

To the East:

And On the West:

Here are some very angry opinions, especially from the people of Illinois, who that anyone insulting The Bean in Chicago is banned from eating deep-dish pizza for life:

I don’t have any strong opinions about most of these attractions, not even Times Square, which is at least a real experience—a bad one, but memorable! As a tourist, however, I’ve never felt more baffled or unimpressed and pretty grossed out as I was when I saw the Gum Wall entirely by accident in Seattle. Thankfully, coronavirus has probably made it a health hazard.

More interesting U.S. maps: