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It’s About Perspective (32 Semi-Confusing Pics)

It’s so crazy how your brain just fills in an image for whatever it can’t process right away. For some of these, even after I read the captions it still took me several seconds before I could see them. It makes you wonder how often this happens in our everyday lives and we don’t even notice.

1. Rocky sky

2. Thought I left my hatch open.

3. Nice shoulder

4. Looks like a cat- cow hybrid.

5. One single photograph, not four.

6. Thought this section of fencing was levitating.

7. I’m gonna walk my ass on outa here

8. Not a lobster in space, just a lobster in bucket

9. This picture my mom took in South Dakota.

10. Where does the bicep end?

11. Giraffe Doggo

12. Thought this was a desktop background but it’s just a reflection of our couch

13. Deer with tree face

14. Whoah calm down there

15. Cow looks like it’s eating a smaller cow

16. Nuclear Explosion

17. This zebra giraffe hybrid.

18. Nice dress

19. Giant bug attack! (On my windshield)

20. One of my favs

21. is that Aragorn reading?

22. Just two people holding a mirror.

23. Just a female centaur cooking.

24. Double doggo

25. decapitated mannequin

26. Arachnophobia

27. My dad’s eyedrops looks like they’re floating

28. Saturn?

29. Dog on bear blanket

30. Cat with a transparent ear.

31. This scooby looking like he’s doing something else

32. Horse?

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