A Lot Of Things Didn’t Happen This Week, But These Didn’t Happen The Most (16 Pics)

People will. say just about anything on the internet these days. There’s nearly no restrictions on what you can and can’t say so it’s just the Wild West out there. I love the people who call these people out on their B.S. 

1. Honey, Did The Graveyard Look Like A Haunted House?

2. And Those Were The First Books I Ever Read

3. Your Son Sucks At Battleship


5. I Wonder Why She Would Be Embarrassed

6. Jesus Is Historically Afraid Of Supernatural

7. This Is Not How They Cast For The Show, Mate

8. Target V Goths Will Be A Historic Case

9. And You Can Be A CEO Too! You Just Need To Recruit 5 People!

10. *Does A Kickflip* Turns Out He Was Sick

11. Billy Joel Was There, He Clapped

12. We Took Turns Pretending To Being Carnie Ride Operators <3

13. My Zoom Class Of 13 Beanie Babies And They’re Also My Best Friends

14. Apparently She Posts Like This Twice A Week

15. Let’s Go To The Beach, Beach

16. Historically Cops Are Super Cool So This Tracks

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