A Lot Of Things Didn’t Happen This Week, But These Didn’t Happen The Most (15 Pics)

There’s not a lot going on in people’s lives right now with everyone locked up at home and it’s making people go crazy and post lies on the internet for likes. It’s pretty bizarre, but I must say it’s pretty entertaining for me! Here are the worst liars we found this week.

1. I Only Like Women Who Hate Other Women This Much!

2. Did They Plan This

3. Seems Like A Huge Priority To Remember Where You Bought It From


5. Someone Needs To Go To Jail Here

6. That’s Exactly What A Certified Therapist Did

7.  It Was A Fanfic About The Teacher Kicking Their Ass

8. This Is The Scene From Grease Where They Sing The Reproduction Song

9. Man, Great Horror Movie Plot Though

10. Dragged You? I Wonder Why He Is Your Ex?

11. And then she bought me a pack and we smoked together

12. Good Morning Class! Anyone Have A Love Letter To Read To The Class Before We Get Started?

13. This guy’s comment under “Another One Bites The Dust” by Queen

14. How….Did The Teachers Know This

15. I Have No Idea What This Means And There’s No Way The 80-Year-Olds In Starbucks Did Either

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