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Sucks To Be You, Bro (18 Pics & Vids)

Shit happens. Like, a lot. So chances are it’ll be your turn to take the brunt of it at some point. That’s why it’s important to enjoy the times when it’s happening to someone else. Funny fails are only hilarious with a little perspective.

1. My dad says, “Google is doing this stupid thing where the blur the top left part of the results. Facebook is doing it too actually.” He melted the top left corner of his screen.


2. If you’re from snow country this picture should strike horror in your heart.


3. Jumping cactus!

4. I’m a surgeon; iPhoto automatically generated this gallery of “meals” I’ve eaten over the years.


5. My boss told me to at least try shoveling out and come in today. Saskatoon Sk, Canada (Red car is mine)


6. Decided to go on a run to de-stress and got shot by a paintball gun.


7. Someone’s date did NOT go according to plan.


8. The little nail that could and two hammers that couldn’t.


9. Accidentally pulled on the headphones wire and…


10. Prepared Cinnamon Toast Crunch in the dark. It was Cheeze Its.


11. Spent 12 Hours Making “Cinnamon Swirl” Sourdough Bread.


12. Moved the flour away from the kid so he wouldn’t make a mess….and I knocked it off the counter with my elbow.


13. Another life taken by crack.

14. Yesterday…


15. He found the Sugar Puffs.


16. Hooooo boy.


17. Even though there were parking spots closer to my apartment (not under a tree), I chose to park further away and let someone else get a better spot. This is how the universe thanked me.


18. My brother bought his first house yesterday. He drove his car inside the garage with the only garage door opener in it, shut the door, and forgot that the keypad hadn’t been programmed yet. We spent over an hour breaking into his own garage.


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