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People Are Sharing The Most Glamorous Pictures Of Their Grandparents (26 Pics)

Man, who isn’t a sucker for looking at cool vintage photos of grandma from when she was hot? People over on r/OldSchoolCool are sharing photos of their family members in their teens and 20’s and it’s so interesting to see how things have changed after all these years. The only thing that has stayed the same is there is no denying that meemaw is an absolute fox.

1. “My deaf father, hugging a speaker to his chest to feel the vibrations of music. The early 1970s.”

2. “My uncle getting caught growing weed in the backyard. Circa 1970s.”

3. “My Mama circa ’83. This explains why I’m the uncoolest person ever, cos she took it all! Oh and that bike? She built it.”

4. “My dad at his first job at NASA! (1986)”

5.“My nonna and nonno in Italy, 1954. The back of the photograph says ’a memory of our immense love.’”

6. “My grandma when she was a Flamenco dancer with a traveling company, late 1950s — still the queen of winged eyeliner”

7. “My grandmother in Venice in the 1960s”

8. “My grandma, early 1970s in Dallas, TX. She says this was a model audition for Dr. Pepper. She didn’t get the job, but I think she looks great!”

9. “My grandmother in her early 20s, would have been 100 today. She always was and always will be the biggest positive influence in my life.”

10. “My amazing grandma in the 1940s”

11. “My movie star looking grandparents sitting for a portrait in the early 1940s”

12. “My grandparents on a boat in the 1950s”

13. “My grandparents on their wedding day (1948). My nana is wearing a dress she already owned, my grandfather is wearing his uniform. He spent over 2 weeks’ wages to get those red roses during winter because they were all his bride wanted.”

14. “My grandparents on a date in 1948”

15. “My grandpa around 1970 looking like he just solved one of Agatha Christie’s infamous cases.”

16. “I acquired and scanned in over 500 of my grandpa’s Ektachrome slides. Here is my grandma in the late 1940s/early 1950s on vacation.”

17. “My grandma turns 100 years young today! This is her circa ~1950s.”

18. “My grandpa loved sailing. Here he is at the helm of a boat back in the 60s.”

19. “My grandpa at the age of 17 in 1947”

20. “My grandmother in the 40s, in her nursing garb. Today is her 93rd birthday. Classy then, even classier now.”

21. “My grandma at 19 years old, taken around 1950”

22. “My grandpa when he was 18, around the 1950s. I never got to meet him and this is about my only photo of him, but it’s a very movie-like photo!”

23. “My grandma holding my mom, 1958”

24. “My grandmother looking like a real life Disney princess, 1955”

25. “My grandparents on their honeymoon, 1962”

26. “My grandparents on their wedding day, the 1950s”

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