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Unnecessary, And Quite Frankly Ridiculous Car Mods (33 Pics)

I understand some of these unnecessary car mods. You have to work with what you’ve got. If all you have in a 96′ Honda hatchback, just start welding scrap you find at the junkyard onto it. Now you look like if Batman never had money, but at least people won’t see you in a 96′ Honda hatchback.

1. King of the Cavaliers.

2. Um, is that a trash can, sir?

3. If this thing doesn’t shoot bubbles out of the back I’ll be very dissapointed.

4. Spoiler alert!

5. No unibrows.

6. Why? Whyyyyy?????

7. Whatever makes you happy I guess.

8. For the 7-year-old with no budget.

9. Uh, this was such a nice car.

10. Plum tuckered out.

11. Boss Baby

12. Doing a lot of offroading? How?

13. Batman’s son Chadman.

14. Batman’s dad Dadman. Haha just kidding Batman’s dad is dead.

15. Manman. Half man, half man. Has a weird thing for bats. We don’t talk about it.

16.¬†Aren’t those expensive cars?

17. Where we’re going we don’t need roads.

18. Fixed.

19. Elon’s Cyber Truck without makeup.

20. Drop that tailgate for the probe.

21. Shark Weak

22. Looks faster already.

23. Hit one pebble and it’s over.

24. *cat sound*

25. Got to be Florida.

26. From the hood mirror to the spoiler. WTF.


28. This didn’t make the Mad Max final cut.

29. I disagree.

30. Don’t want this speedy bad boy launching into space.

31. You could make 4 smoothies at once.

32. Good enough.

33. The bus that meth built.

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