Non-Americans Are Sharing The Crazy “Rumors” About America That Turned Out To Be True

People over on Reddit are sharing the craziest rumors they heard about America that turned out to be true.

Whether they got these ideas from movies or word of mouth, I can’t blame them for being shocked about American’s huge drink sizes or obsession with guns. It’s a little weird.

I hope that one day we can blow a visitor’s mind by how smart we all are or that everyone is in way better shape than they expected. Maybe next year!

1. We don’t mess around when it comes to pie.

I studied in Maryland for about half a year back in 2017. I’d always heard that Americans are like… super good at pie. I was pretty much all alone during thanksgiving since everyone else was with their families. One of the RAs I’d befriended knocked on my door and brought me all different kinds of pie. Dear Lord, I’ve never tasted anything that delicious. From blueberry to apple to pumpkin. Every. Single. Pie. They were all amazing. -Deekaah

2. And kids tried to snort them.

IThat American kids eat straight sugar. Walked on to the playground and saw kids chugging these long thin sticks. I try and it was just colored sugar lol. Called them pixie sticks. -whowantrice

3. We say words wrong.

I’m still not 100% sure is true so hopefully can confirm – “buoy” is pronounced “boo-ee”? -reheated_brew 

4. Dolly Parton’s theme park.

That Dolly Parton has her own theme park in Tennessee. I thought it was a joke. -panda_1996

5. Massive cereal aisles.

I actually don’t properly know if this is true but you have like a whole isle in your supermarkets dedicated to just the hundreds of cereals you have? -outrojin

6. Halloween is way more serious.

Masked people come to your house, knock on your door asking for candy. Mostly it’s just packs of kids but sometimes whole families. -PlaidSkirtBroccoli

7. ‘Sup bro?

Surfer-dudes actually speak like that. -Hasetate

8. Conversations with total strangers.

Not exactly crazy, but I wanted to test out the stereotype that Americans will talk to anyone so I sought out a sports bar on my first visit. Ended up having a ton of really fun conversations with total strangers who I’ll never talk to ever again. It was great!

9. As seen on TV.

Sports Bars are actually exactly how they’re portrayed on TV -BeYourOwnDog

10. Big gulps, huh?

Drink sizes. Holy shit.

When my family visited in 2017 we landed in Texas for a stopover. First thing I saw in the shops part of the terminal was a dude who was drinking from what looked like an actual fucking bucket – here in NZ our “large” drinks would be considered an American “small” or maybe “medium.” -TheSlySloth

11. The only time we’re polite

I’m from Quebec and when we went down to Boston for a school trip, I sneezed in public and heard two or three people say “bless you”. Quite a weird rumor I had heard not 2 months prior to that. I thought it was nice. -Inquistador

12. Florida man strikes again!

That people actually get attacked by Alligators which got in their pools (specifically referring to Florida here). -TheHunterBB

13. Arming everything.

That there are security guards(or cops) in the school’s halls, and some even have metal detectors at the entrance like the TSA at airports… -Jacilund

14. School busses are real.

So apparently yellow school buses are actually a thing in America. I honestly thought it was just a cartoon thing, but nope. -Kwickly1

15. Why doesn’t Australia have cups?

I’m from Australia, and all my life I believed red Solo cups were like 555 area codes – a Hollywood prop. When I immigrated to the US, my MIL was making dinner and offered me iced tea in a red Solo cup.

I lost it, made everyone sign the cup. I’ve still got it. -RavynLearnsBadly

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