Some Things Are Just Accidentally Funny (15 Pics)

The best things in life are 1) free and 2) accidentally funny. Luckily for you, these pics are both of those best things so I better not hear any complaining out of your mouths.

1. Essential workers would do anything for a tip.

2. Which one goes inside?

3. Really working the pole.

4. Run your business name past someone next time.

5. What sultry rabbis.

6. Ugh, tell me about it!

7. The ideal woman.

8. He represents every teacher switching to online.

9. We really used to pimp out our phones.

10. McDonald’s knows that sex sells.

11. A flying cork

12. How about SR. QUIT? or QR Suit? Anything?

13. Please turn off caps lock.

14. What a rough morning after.

15. This is how I want to be remembered.

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