These Parents Were Shocked How Accidentally Hilarious Their Kids Are (50 Pics & Tweets)

I know at some point we were all dumb kids, but I’d like to think I was never as dumb as these ones. I’m sure my parents would disagree with me on that.

It’s nice to live in the days of social media where parents can share all their kids’ stupid moments with the whole world and someday, they can share all of that with their therapists.

1. This is the lowest our battery bill has been in months.

2. Did she use them?

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3. The math checks out.

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4. When I was 2 I thought an electrical box was a robot. My mom let me take a picture with it, and I have come across that picture again.

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5. *Patrick Selling Chocolate* “I Love You”

6. She is a narc.

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7. A great whistler and less whiney!

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8. How generous!

9. I also just know a lot of early NSYNC.

10. Kids are stupid.

11. My 1,5-year-old daughter, ladies and gentlemen.

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12. “Faster!”

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13. My 5-year-old nephew figured out I’m still a “kid.”

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14. My son found sea shells on his first trip to the beach. I didn’t have the heart to tell him.

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15. Remember, always use your dominant hand if you want to win a chess match.