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These Parents Were Shocked How Accidentally Hilarious Their Kids Are (50 Pics & Tweets)

26. A very dumb sweetheart.

27.Winnie The Poo.

Via: SentientFecalMatter

28. Identically unperturbed by what they did to themselves with the clippers at 5 AM.

Via: passingglans

29. My son asked me why this lady is reading poop magazine. I’m so proud.

30. Asking the important questions.

31. Yugioh with made-up rules.

Via: frogitivity

32. That time I figured out how to take the lid off of the vent, and proceeded to get stuck in it.

Via: yaternate

33. My little brother grabbing live wasps because “it’s fun.”

Via: Nixoli100

34. They REALLY like kids.

Via: NonSonoTommyy

35. Kids are quick learners!

Via: Loghan10

36. What happened?

37. He wants to get on the bus on TV.

Via: Claire_adlam

38. It takes so much longer this way!

Via: thebigfigdig

39. My nephew got a card from his teacher and was stoked. finally, a quiet voice asked “auntie, how long have i had autism?”

Via: extidedetergentfan

40. Sounds like they were really enjoying themselves.

41. My kid won’t eat her eggs because they have “dark spots”. yeah, that’s the fork

Via: Thisissixsyllables

42. My sister drew on her passport.

Via: LuisSweden

43. Kids in rome were mischievous too. toddler’s footprint in a 2000-year-old clay tile.

Via: OptimoPrincipi

44. Thank you so much!

Via: natisnotcool

45. Someone’s kid hung up the wet wipes to allow them to dry.

Via: thinkingbell955

46. One is less good than the other.

Via: WonderMoney78

47. My 3-year-old, everybody

Via: wutwut191

48. Mom is my best friend.

49. My niece’s hiding spot

Via: Secret_Agent_Dog

50. Oh no, we’re lost

Via: Sky_Crescent

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