21 Tweets Everyone Should’ve Read This Week

I’m sure you had time to read all the great tweets this week but just in case you didn’t here are the 25 best. Funny jokes are good medicine.

1. Retractable teeth too.

2. Also why I walk like a ninja.

3. Thank you for your service.

4. Poor me.

5. It’s why I have dry skin, but will also never stop.

6. This should settle it.

7. Band-aid on a sword wound.

8. I wouldn’t.

9. I’ll meet them there for laughing at this.

10. Life is too short. Let them in.

11. Ride them rails.

12. Stop doing this.

13. Shall we do it again?

14. What have I done?

15. No chill.

16. This is exactly the feeling though.

17. Take it off.

18. The mashup no one asked for.

19. Not a bad plan actually.

20. I can quit anytime I want.

21. They’re just looking at themselves anyway.

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