A Lot Of Things Didn’t Happen This Week, But These Didn’t Happen The Most (15 Pics)

People absolutely cannot stop lying on the internet for attention. Then again, I don’t think anyone gets on the internet expecting everyone to be completely honest and good-natured. Thats just not how we roll around here.

1. I would like to ask Aiden a few questions.

2. Please ban this woman from all places.

3. I love when they get called out.

4. It’s the nature of amnesia that they forgot, of course.

5. It was the McRib.

6. That’s how hiring works.

7. Doctors are notorious for joining MLMs.

8. They always put kids on the stand for custody hearings.

9. Made the Earth look like a total idiot.

10. I believe up to: “You’ve gained weight.”

11. He also tweeted this.

12. Absolutely not.

13. That fierce voice.

14.  Call. Them. Out.

15. What a strange thing to take a stand against.

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