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History Buffs Are Sharing What They Think Is The Best Real-Life Plot Twist In History (19 Pics)

It’s weird to think about but this year alone has been full of plot twists that will change everything as we know it. There are countless unexpected historical events that have changed the world as radically as 2020 has. Maybe one day it won’t feel like we’re living through a major historical plot twist like the one’s history buffs are sharing online.

1. The Treaty of Versailles had some unexpected consequences.

2. Kim Philby — a British intelligence officer and a double agent for the Soviet Union.

3. Yi Sun-Sin beat all the odds.

4. Then there’s Miyamoto Musashi.

5. Sometimes being late for everything works in your favor.

6. I’d love to know what they said to each other.

7. Oof. That backfired.

8. France wasn’t ready for that.

9. This sure changed everything.

10. Bringing this up every time someone tells me they hate cats.

11. Talk about a plot twist. Who could expect this?

12. That time Darius the Great murdered his predecessor.

13. Plot twist.

14. A turning point in history.

15. A do-over.

16. Everyone remembers where they were.

17. This plot twist is insane.

18. But it’s true.

19. A very important plot twist in American history.


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