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Relax Your Shoulders And Decompress With Some Wholesome Memes (21 Pics)

Happy Wholesome Wednesday. You made it. I hope this day finds you well. If it doesn’t, perhaps these wholesome memes will help you relax.

Here are a few wholesome memes to get you through the wholesomest day of the week:

1. Thanks, dad.

2. Very happy to not be a coal miner.

3. De La Soul

4. BFFs

5. True love.

6. Must’ve been taken before 2020.

7. Fancy chocolate.

8. Some day…

9. Remember meeting in person?

10. Then you get to high school and realize how much work it takes.

11. Does look pretty good.

12. Rescue kids.

13. Rewatched the old X-Men cartoon and it filled me with joy.

14. The only way to travel.

15. Aww.

16. Snuggle stack.

17. Genius.

18. Time moves slowest here.

19. Family is the gift.

20. Trade it for a cupcake at lunch.

21. Drum set.

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