21 Tweets Everyone Should’ve Read This Week

I’m sure you had time to read all the great tweets this week but just in case you didn’t here are the 25 best. Funny jokes are good medicine. And if you aren’t already, Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays.

1. He’s gone too far.

2. Pinky out.

3. Bookmarking this.

4. Go, Jesus. It’s your birthday.

5. Thanks, grandma.

6. Smooth boi.

7. Hard turn.

8. Remember, before dating apps?

9. Best audience ever.

10. Neverborne.

11. Humble beginnings.

12. Mad lad.

13. It’s…not?

14. Corona beer too, which is odd.

15. Truth.

16. One of the greats.

17. Best of both worlds.

18. Santa, no…

19. I would also kill for that.

20. Haven’t thought about this book since 5th grade.

21. That’s the spirit.

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