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Men In This Online Community Are Going Full “Long Hair, Don’t Care” (50 Pics)

Gaze upon these long hair men. These Disney princes. How I wish I could go full “long hair, don’t care.” Unfortunately, that ship sailed for me long ago and took most of my hair with it.

These men, however, have been follically blessed. After years of growing out their hair, they decide to share the progress online. If there were ever a year to go for it, the one where we were all forced inside is the one.

1. Shaved My Head 2.5 Years Ago And I Haven’t Cut It Since!

2. Flow Bro

3. Delivery At Your Doorstep Flow

4. I Started Dying My Hair Black. 3 Years Ago I Decided To Stop Using Dye And Let My Hair Grow. I Wanted To Embrace My Grays And Encourage Others To Do The Same. It’s Ok To Have Grays At Any Age.

5. Finally At The Length I’ve Wanted Since Forever. Also Makes For Great Insulation On Colder Days.

6. Those Curls. Long Hair Men Have More Fun.

7. I’ve Lost A Lot Of Weight, A Lot Of Sadness, And A Little Facial Hair. I’ve Gained A Whole New Appreciation For Life. Remember To Always Love Yourself.

8. I Started Growing 7 Years Ago When My Son Was Born. From Getting A Military Cut Every Week To Finally Looking Like A Real Native Again. It’s Been A Journey, To Say The Least.

9. My Great Grandpa And I.

10. Lovely Weekend To All!! Keep Smiling!

11. Why Did I Have To Cut Off My Hair Before The Witcher Got Popular?

12. The Bigger The Hair…

13. 1 Year And 5 Months! It Was Worth The Wait.

14. 3 Years Of Hair Growth.

15. Some Pacific Curls

16. I Guess You Could Call This “Ragnarok.” 10 Years And 3 Donations. So Long Old Friend, It Was A Good Run.

17. The Flow Seemed Extra Fierce Today, Thought I’d Share. No, I Never Wear A Shirt.

18. Proud To Be A Part Of This Supportive Community.

19. Screaming To The Icelandic Mountain Gods This Time!

20. I Didn’t Think That Having Long Hair Would Make Me Look So Much Different!

21. Male ‘Rapunzel’ With Hair More Than Two Foot In Length.

Cristiano Braga

22. Rock That Hair!!! Wishing Everyone An Awesome Weekend!

23. Tgif! I’m A Proud Queer Person!

24. Bellatrix Lestrange Looking Ass.

25. Flow.

26. Someone Suggested I Post Here.

27. 5 Years Strong!

28. My Hair Decided To Have A Massive Growth Spurt These Past Few Months.

29. More Fierce Than Flow.

30. Wavy.

31. Letting The Lion Out!

32. Hello Hello! Another Update. Hope You’re All Well.

33. I Was Told To Post Here. I Don’t Really Know About This Sub, But “Hi!”

34. Haven’t Seen Any Dreads On Here Do You Guys Approve?

35. Longhair Boyfriends Roadtripping!

36. Look, Everyone Else Was Posting Shirtless Selfies And My 40yr-Old Ass Just Wanted To Fit In.

37. Wedding Flow. Not Mine. The Wedding That Is. The Flow, Indeed, Mine.

38. Thought I’d Dress Up For My Cake Day. Here’s To Another Year.

39. Interesting Title.

40. This Is About 2 Years. Don’t Know If I’ll Ever Cut It.

41. Comb My Hair, They Said. It’ll Be Fun, They Said!

42. 15years And 8months For My Locs.

43. My Mane.

44. Me (Far Left) And My Younger Brothers. We All Got Some Flow.

45. Didn’t Think I’d Make It Half This Far, But Two Years Later And…

46. Me Growing My Hair Longer, My Partner Growing His Beard!

47. At About 4 Years Now’ Keep It Up, Dudes. You All Look Great, Peace.

48. Messy Bun Work Flow Feat. Weird Hand Gesture.

49. The Pandemic Has Given Me A Reason To Finally Try Growing My Hair, This Is About 7.5 Months.

50. Screaming To The Mountain Gods In Switzerland A Few Months Back.

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