“Woke Children” Who 100% Didn’t Say That, I Don’t Care What Their Parents Say (18 Pics)

Woke culture is ridiculous. Being a good person and treating others the way you’d like to be treated is great. We should all strive for that. Woke culture is more about wanting to show everyone you are not just a good person, but a better person than everyone else. It isn’t liberal or conservative. It’s its own yucky thing.

My favorite example of these lunatics is when they post about kids they heard say something profoundly woke, or cool, or just straight-up weird. My guess is they do this to show the world is changing in their favor. Like, “See even a 5-year-old thinks and talks just like me!” Not sure how that’s a boast. See for yourself.

1. He’s only 8.

2. Who, mom? Who???

3. Damn, Hazel.

4. Everyone clapped.

5. 205 pages, huh?

6. Woke culture. Woke from”conspiracies”

7. HERstory!


9. The coolest kid.

10. I have a few.

11. How does someone end up like this?

12. 3-year-old zing.

13. Said no child ever.

14. “evil nurse” Oh, the wokeness.

15. A better idea.

16. Oh sure. Plenty of 5-year-old Mac Miller fans.

17. It just keeps going.

18. Stop having kids.

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